Crafting Denmark’s Quest to Become Europe’s CO2 Hub

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Embarking on a transformative journey, Denmark is at the forefront of establishing the essential framework to evolve into Europe’s premier CO2 hub. Our strategic initiatives are shaping the regulations, financing, and risk-sharing models necessary to position Denmark as a key European hub for CO2, accelerating the continent towards a greener, more sustainable future.

Partner Testimonials

Our partners are determined to make Denmark a European Hub for CO2, here are a few of their quotes.

“By developing a robust and cost-effective infrastructure from the beginning, we position Denmark as an attractive partner for international customers and create the foundation for a sustainable business adventure in CO2 storage,”
Martin Rune Pedersen, Country Chair & Managing Director CCSTotalEnergies
Martin Rune Pedersen, Country Chair & Managing Director CCS
“Large-scale transport and storage of CO2 will provide the best conditions for Danish emitters to establish CO2 capture and thereby contribute to meeting the climate objectives”
Kim Mortensen, CEODansk Fjernvarme
Kim Mortensen, CEO
“A rapid development of Denmark as a European CO2 hub with large-scale and cost-effective CO2 storage can provide a valuable contribution to achieving the climate objectives in both Denmark and Europe”
Christian Ibsen, CEOCONCITO
Christian Ibsen, CEO
“As a refinery, we are deeply committed to finding alternative carbon sources to fossil crude oil, so we can supply future green energy for, for example, shipping and aviation. The use of CO2 is one of the production paths, which is why we see great perspectives in the development of the entire logistics area around CO2
Finn Schousboe, General ManagerCrossbridge Energy
Finn Schousboe, General Manager


The following companies/organisations are working closely together and sharing knowledge as part of CO2 Hub Europe